Businesses today need more than a simple phone system to compete in the current technology savvy world. Today, most businesses rely upon a form of Unified Communications that utilizes voice, video and IP. PGH Networks works with companies to find a voice system that suits the company’s needs, but also integrates well with the other technology systems utilized by the company. Seamless integration with other systems helps streamline processes and keep technology simple and efficient, resulting in lower internal costs.

PGH Network’s has a variety of voice platforms to fit your needs. From Analog to Digital devices to the latest in VoIP and SIP phones, we will connect you to the phone system that is ideal for your situation; no matter whether you are a 500+ employee company, freelance receptionist, entrepreneur, help desk agent, home worker, or mobile employee.

As technology continues to evolve, PGH Networks strives to stay above the curve and keep our customers ahead of their competitors. We develop dynamic strategies that not only suit current needs, but also have the ability to maintain growth in the future. With a dynamic voice platform and the strength of our cloud solutions, PGH Networks will unify your communication and help you run at full capacity with optimal efficiency and ongoing flexibility.

Our certified engineers are well versed in our products and how they work together. We stay well informed to service our products quickly. Our partners carry innovative products. Together, we provide optimal up time to our clients, and continuously take steps to stay ahead of our industry competitors with foresight to future market trends and development of cutting edge technology. With the combination of our innovative voice partners, and our skilled and knowledgeable team, PGH Networks will help you choose the best voice platform to suit your needs.

Voip & Sip Phones