Meet the PGH Networks Team

Pittsburgh Team – HQ

Greg Pack – Vice President of Sales
Greg Pack is a valuable member of the PGH Networks executive team and is a key driver of innovation and strategic initiatives in his role as Vice President of Sales. His hard work and dedication ensure the continued delivery of advancement and execution excellence for our team and customers. He plays many roles at PGH Networks. On the financial side, he creates revenue streams, sales goals, and profit forecasts. He also manages the sales team while developing valuable sales training programs. Another aspect of Greg’s position is monitoring the competition and maintaining meaningful relationships with clients and prospects. With his strong leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, and focus on customer satisfaction, Greg will continue to lead PGH Networks to greatness.
Bill Weisser – Vice President of Information Technology
Bill Weisser helps lead PGH Networks as Vice President of Information Technology. He oversees the development and operations of product integration and oversees technology infrastructure. Concurrently, Bill also oversees the management and maintenance of our products and services. His supportive direction and direct advice keep PGH Networks at peak performance.
Bill’s expertise at PGH Networks undoubtedly aids us in our goal of providing simply solutions in a complex industry.
Mike P

Mike Pologruto, Senior Account Executive
As our Senior Account Executive, Mike Pologruto brings invaluable skills to the forefront for PGH Networks. He is responsible for the sales of business solutions to our clients and is our top producing sales representative. Mike specializes in his customer-based focus, development of new business, strategy in account management, client retention, and ability to determine the needs of our clients. Mike is a strong leader and powerful account executive that we are proud to have as a part of our team.


Julian Floro, Account Executive
Julian Floro works with our clients to help them understand all of the services and solutions PGH Networks has to offer. He is thorough and considerate of our customers. He takes the time to go over the various options and obstacles we can help them overcome with ease and accuracy. He is a highly motivated individual, and will continue to excel in the communications industry with his total comprehension, willingness to learn more, and ability to communicate well.

Angie Ridge, Account Executive
Angie Ridge provides exceptional customer service with personalization and care that resonates well with our customers. Angie is astute and responsive, which helps her develop long-term relationships with our customers. She has over 12 years experience in the Technology Industry and continues to increase her knowledge base everyday. With her experience, friendly demeanor, and ever-growing knowledge base, how could you not want Angie as your company’s point of contact at PGH?