Lifesize is a pioneer company that sets out to make video conferencing truly universal, and deliver on that promise every day. Lifesize is a video conferencing company that provides solutions that are simple to buy, adopt, support and use. This is by design. Every decision, upgrade, and new product launch Lifesize makes is about making connections. Whether joining from the road, from another city or from the other side of the world, Lifesize is out to create a conferencing experience that makes you feel like everyone’s right in the room with you.

The Connected Experience

When you choose Lifesize, you get a simple, one-touch video conferencing solution that lets anyone pull up a seat at a meeting from anywhere, at any time and using whatever device they want. You even have an option for how you connect—through the cloud or over your own network. You just have to decide what works best for
your company.

Why You Need It:

  • More and more of today’s workforce is going mobile.
  • Businesses in every industry must adapt so that everyone stays as productive as possible.
  • People need to connect to one another with an experience that lets them make decisions faster and communicate better. This means connecting from whatever devices they have.
  • So, do you choose a cloud-based or a network-based video conferencing solution, and can it deliver a truly connected experience for people?

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