Lease Corporation of America (LCA)

is a full-service financing company specializing in technology and industrial equipment financing. LCA offers a multitude of leasing programs that allow companies to obtain the equipment they need now and pay for it over a fixed amount of time, freeing up working capital and credit lines.Commitment to the resellers, distributors and manufacturers work with runs deep at LCA. They deal with a diverse group of vendors spanning many industries to create leasing solutions that help increase sales and profitability.

Benefits of Using LCA Services:

  • Competitive lease rates from LCA’s wholly-owned subsidiary, LCA Bank Corporation
  • Option to build in additional profit
  • Pre-funding up to 100% available-subject to vendor approval
  • Access to a Syndication desk for marginal and start-up credits
  • 2- to 4-hour credit turnaround time, including eSignature options
  • LCA preparing all lease documents

Lease Corporation of America is a direct lender, differentiating themselves from many other financing companies. Lease Corporation of America founded LCA Bank Corporation, member FDIC and wholly owned subsidiary of LCA, in 2005; the bank is located in Park City, Utah.

As a result of owning their own bank, LCA is able to commit to turning around a complete financial package – from application to funding – within hours to five business days, depending on the size of the transaction. In addition, they are able to service transaction sizes as low as $2,000, to upwards of $20,000,000.

Lease Corporation of America is also proud of being known for a fast credit approval process. This rings true due to a two-person, no committee approval process. We are also able to provide services in all 50 states, further setting LCA apart from competition.

Learn more about leasing with the Lease Corporation of America on the LCA website.