HIPAA Compliance

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HIPAA Compliancy and the HITECH Act

In 2003, the HITECH Act mandated that formal investigations and audits will be conducted for all healthcare providers to ensure they are compliant with the HIPPA Privacy & Security Rules put in place by U.S. Congress. If you’re in the business of healthcare, a secure and HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure is key to the integrity of your practice.

HIPAA Audits Are Real.

The HHS HIPAA Audit Program was established to assess a practice’s HIPAA worthiness. If you, any covered entity or any business associate are found in violation of any of the HIPAA Rules and Regulations, you’re expected to fix these issues until you’re deemed compliant.

Failure to meet compliancy may result in a data breach, security incident or violation further resulting in government fines ranging from $100 to $50,000. If you are a small practice, this will not only mean the loss of your patients trust, but the total loss of your business.

What We Do.

PGH Networks is a Managed Service Provider with HIPAA compliant solutions for any healthcare-based business or medical practice.
Our Solution

  • Serve as your IT Department or IT escalation point for all HIPAA compliant issues
  • Perform audits on networks, servers, PCs & laptops, software and computer files
  • Run gap analyses and correct errors
  • Perform passwords checks and laptop encryption
  • Ensure firewalls are current and software is HIPAA compliant and up-to-date
  • Provide back-up services
  • Monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure, 24/7!

With the PGH Networks HIPAA compliance solutions, we take the worry out of HIPAA compliancy so you can focus on providing the best healthcare for your patients. If you are non-compliant or want to outsource your IT Department to a local, homegrown company you can trust, contact PGH Networks for all your HIPAA compliance and MSP needs.

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