In simple terms, ‘The Cloud’ is a secure data center that securely hosts and backs up your data in numerous locations with an extensive disaster recovery plan. The Cloud is a powerful tool for many reasons. It empowers your team, provides flexibility within your organization, secures your data, and promotes growth within your business. 

Team Empowerment

Cloud Solutions can be accessed by anyone with permissions, from anywhere worldwide. It can be used by various people simultaneously and updated in real time, enabling simple and secure file sharing.


Flexibility and Organization

The Cloud improves your business’s flexibility by storing all information in an accessible location, instead of having information spread out on different hard drives and programs.



Cloud Solutions gives your business control over your data, while helping keep it secure and confidential with backups to numerous highly secured locations. PGH Networks works with our partners to provide our clients with disaster recovery plan, ensuring that your data will never get accidentally deleted or lost with host-based replication and SAN-to-SAN replication to fit your unique business situation. This recovery plan allows for companies to rest assured that their data is 100% safe and disaster proof.


Promotes Growth

The Cloud is boundless in size, so as your content inevitably increases over time as your company grows, so does the space you have to store.


Enterprise Features

Cloud Solutions empowers small businesses with enterprise like features. PGH Networks and partners provide enterprise level features to small businesses through the cloud at prices unachievable when purchased individually.

From a Public Cloud to a Private Cloud or a Hybrid Cloud, PGH Networks Cloud Solutions will help your business find the best option to suit your unique data hosting needs. Entrust our Cloud Solutions with your data and rest assured with the guidance, expertise, and ongoing support of the PGH Networks team.

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