Business Communication

Have you ever dropped a call in the middle of an important conversation? Are there cables and wires all over the office that you wish you could eliminate? Would seamless communication increase your productivity throughout the day?

Increase Productivity

Budget Flexibility

Peace of Mind

Create Strategy

Achieve Seamless Communication with PGH Networks.

Communication is a critical component of any business. Let PGH Networks transform your conversations into an engaging experience.

Your place of work should have efficient, expertly installed cabling that never gives out and always keeps you connected, and your office phones should go above and beyond the traditional phone call, giving you the ability to conference, view call history, and easily forward calls. Get rid of the mess and terminate those communication headaches.

Find Out How PGH Networks can Improve Your Communications and Productivity.

What is PGH Network’s Approach to Business Communication?

When it comes to business communications, we approach it just like any other technology. There’s no one size that fits all. It’s really about understanding your needs and determining the best fit. 

PGH Networks currently offers business communication systems through Avaya. Avaya has a rich heritage in the communications industry tracing all the way to Bell Labs. We chose this system because it’s functionality outperforms the competition. It’s that simple.