What Has 3D Printing Done So Far?

Just like motorized automobiles, 3D printing is making an impact on every industry it comes into contact with. Very simply put, a 3D printer is a robot that creates a three-dimensional object by layering certain materials.

Various types of businesses are taking advantage of the endless opportunities 3D printers provide. If you’re looking to capitalize on 3D printing (or better understand it), below are a few of the industries utilizing 3D printing. Take some notes!

Science and 3D printing are coming together to create real-life miracles. Current projects include: the printing of human skin to help burn victims and those with skin conditions, printing of organs and body parts to advance research and work toward the goal of full organ replacement, printing of precise patching to repair heart conditions, and printing cost-efficient prosthetics. read more

How to Host a Successful Marketing Event

Hosting a successful marketing event doesn’t have to be hard. Whether it’s gathering your customers together, an industry conference, or an employee celebration, your business should put on its fair share of events. These events are important and require considerable time to plan, market, and execute, which can limit how much effort you devote to other tasks.

It would be ideal to have an entire team devoted to event planning, but if you don’t have the budget for a team, you can leverage event technology instead, including tools and event platforms that automate the event management process. Here are some ways that you can more effectively manage your events, no matter how big or small. read more

How to Have the Most Effective LinkedIn Profile

Out of all the social media platforms, having an effective LinkedIn profile tops the list of importance if you’re in the traditional workplace.

Yes, you can have an “All-Star” rating from LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean your profile will do all you need it to do. That LinkedIn rating speaks to completeness, not quality, and quality matters the most because your LinkedIn profile plays many important roles in your career success. It delivers your first impression. It helps show you are ready for the next rung on the ladder. It connects you with important people who become a part of your brand community. So focusing a little attention on your profile can have a big impact on your career trajectory. read more

Best Practices on Workplace Interaction

Some of the most nerve-wracking moments in life come from workplace interaction. Unfortunately, none of us work in a perfect office. Most companies don’t have an entire website and multi-million-dollar side projects dedicated to perfecting people and workplace culture like Google does. And since neither of those two things are available for the run-of-the-mill business, your professional habitat can be a difficult place to exist in.

Tempers. Egos. Frustrations. Uncontrollable emotions. Poor judgement. All of these are types of things you’ll encounter in the workplace, just as much as you will outside the workplace. And sometimes, every awful, horrible human trait that you can possibly imagine will exist within the same coworker, and there’s nothing you can do about it—that is, except go into the office every day and work side-by-side with that awful, horrible human being. read more

Is the Internet the New Wild West?

The internet is the 21st century version of the Wild West.

Instead of beaver fur, the digital frontier is trading in stolen credit card information and hijacked passwords. Old fashion duels with pistol in hand have been replaced with keyboards and complex coding. And robbing identities has become more exciting than robbing banks.

It doesn’t seem like anything is getting better, either. Every time security advances, digital threats find some new, innovative way to be more malicious than ever. The two are constantly neck and neck; while no one ever truly wins, people do lose. read more

How to Use Your Chronotype to Crush Work

We all have an internal clock that ticks to its own beat, influencing when we’re most productive and most prone to sleep. Yet few people harness their natural rhythms for maximum work efficiency. Yes, there’s actually a best time to do everything: from scheduling a meeting to asking for a raise—even binge-watching Netflix.

So what’s a chronotype?Chronotypes are genetically pre-determined. Everyone has an internal circadian rhythm and chronotypes are the identifications of these rhythms.There are four chronotypes: dolphins, who are light sleepers and commonly suffer from insomnia; lions, who tend to wake early with lots of energy but get exhausted by early evening; bears, who track the rise and fall of the sun and need 8 hours of sleep each night; and wolves, who are most energetic inthe evenings and don’t like mornings. read more

8 Things You Can Do to Make Monday Your Most Productive Day

Mondays don’t have to be the worst, most painful day of the week.

In fact, use Mondays to set the tone for your week. Monday is when you decide where you want your week to go. You set your own priorities. You remind yourself of your goals. And you put habits into motion that will get you there quickly and effectively.

But how?

Do these eight little things, and you’ll be off to the races:

1. Make a list of everything you want to get done, and group similar items together.

This theory comes from Tony Robbins. He calls it “chunking.” It is an incredibly effective productivity technique. read more

3 Tips to Manage your Workload During the Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again: you start to see a dip in productivity and begin to experience migraines on a daily basis. And between holiday shopping and overloading on carbs, it’s not a surprise you have no energy to do anything, let alone be productive.

So the goal here is not to help you be productive (because we know that’s not going to happen). Rather, the goal is to help you steer clear of migraines and to prevent your workload from morphing into the all-consuming blob.

Here are 3 quick tips to keep your sanity intact and under control this holiday season. read more

Change the Way You Work with These 4 Tech Advancements

Not even considering how the digital realm has affected our personal lives, let’s talk about how it’s affected our workplace. Things have really changed since technology came into the picture. Here are our four top ways technology has changed the way you work.

Your reality is now virtual.
Virtual reality technology took the world by storm because it became something no one ever thought it would be—affordable. You can thank Samsung and Google for that. For this reason, virtual reality will probably have a major influence on how we do business, from training employees and traveling the world to product demonstrations and new customer experiences. read more

How Your Personal Social Media Affects Your Business

Potential customers can easily tap into your personal life with a simple click, so it’s important to represent your company 24/7. For everyone in this digital age, your personal social media profiles are impressions of your business. This means less late-night selfies and more professional posts. What is your social media presence saying about your company? Here are a few possibilities:

It’s educational with a hint personality.
Keeping customers informed and educated should play a key part in your social media strategy. With that being said, your personal social media outlets are a great way to start a conversation, because you never know who’s watching. Twitter is the perfect outlet to share industry articles, the latest technology finds or your own daily apple-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-away advice. This type of social media approach will make you look professional and passionate about what you do, and will gain you a niche following. read more