Tips to Keep Your Business Socially Smart

When it comes to social media, the majority of small to medium-sized businesses are doing it all wrong. Either they spend way too much time on it or no time on it at all.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be a key player on social media without devoting large portions of your daily routine to it. And this is important for two major reasons:

You can’t not be social. If you won’t be, then your competition sure as heck will be.

You can’t invest hours into being social. At the end of the day, social media is about building a presence and increasing awareness, not keeping your doors open for business. read more

How to Remember to Use All Those Apps You Download

Many people see smartphone apps as the end-all be-all of their productivitychallenges.

If I download this app and that app, maybe I’ll finally get my to-do list sorted out. Maybe I’ll even look at it after I create it. Wouldn’t that be something?

But, unfortunately, most of us go about this the wrong way: downloading the wrong apps and organizing them the wrong way. So to help you be more productive, let’s address the elephant in the room.


Finding an efficient way to organize your apps is almost as important as downloading the apps themselves. For this reason, organizing your apps should be the very first thing you consider, well before you get lost in the black hole that is the app store. read more

Are Your Employees Equipped to Protect Your Network?

Bad news. Many businesses fail to realize that network security is about more than just protecting your digital realm through outlets like advanced software and a dedicated IT company. Nowadays, protecting your network resides with your human capital as well.

Do your employees know how to protect your network and all the data within it? Can your coworkers spot a malicious email or link before clicking on it? Do your staff members know how to secure your digital information from social exploits by sophisticated hackers? read more

3 Tips from Neil Patel’s Hustle

Dreams. We all have them, but few of us are making the moves necessary to discard unhealthy habits, and start building the momentum necessary to build a truly meaningful career.

Self-made digital marketing guru Neil Patel illustrates this point by citing the following Gallup poll stat in his book Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum: nearly 90% of workers feel emotionally disconnected from their jobs.

As student loans balloon to epic new proportions, and the starting salary for most positions fails to keep up with student load inflation, many college graduates feel stuck. read more

What social media outlets should your business be on?

Not every social media platform is created equal, and for good reason. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and is tailored for different things. The impulsive decision is to join each and every social media outlet to foster brand awareness and get client involvement, but in reality, your business doesn’t need to use every social platform out there. Quality over quantity, friends.

Depending on what type of business you run, some social media outlets won’t exactly make sense for your company. For example, as a managed services provider, creating an Instagram account could be rather pointless. We aren’t about to go around posting professional photos of servers with natural lighting and a ceramic coffee cup displayed next to it. However, if you run a local coffee shop, Instagram is a beautiful and strong option for you. read more

What is wireless charging and when can I have it?

We all want the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, and wireless charging is no different. How amazing would it be to just plop your phone on a specific spot on your desk or nightstand and have the battery go from that hideous red to beautiful green? Ideal world, right?

We aren’t entirely there yet, but the technology is being developed. Surprisingly enough, the idea started in 1899—no, that is NOT a typo—with none other than Nikola Tesla, that genius. He believed that one day, power would be transferred around the planet without a need for cables or cords, and he’s not far off. It took over 100 years, but his lofty idea has finally been realized. read more

10 Rules to Boost Productivity

You’re at work. This morning all you could think about was food and howmuch coffee a human can drink before overdosing. Now, it’s afternoon and all you can focus on is how comfortable your bed is and what you’d do for a nap. It’s not that you want to be unproductive, but you just can’t get your big brain to get itself together enough to work.

Time to boost that productivity and go home having actually accomplished the majority of your work goals for that day. Take some baby steps, follow these 10 rules, and watch yourself go from longing for 5:00 to losing track of time because you’re so focused. read more

3 Tips to Improve Your Digital Etiquette

Welcome to 2017, where the digitization of the workforce is common practice. It’s more likely you’ll receive an email to a video conference meeting than a phone call telling you to meet everyone at a physical location. And that isn’t a bad thing. Productivity and collaboration are increasing in office spaces due to the level of simplicity digital work provides.

The bad news is, not everyone is a natural at it. We all know that one guy in the office who can never seem to remember how to work the copy machine or asks the same questions about his Outlook calendar nearly every day. It happens. But to ensure YOU are not that guy (or girl), here are three tips to boost your digital etiquette and make it look like you know what you’re doing. read more

4 Ways to Boost Your Business’s Productivity

Learn how to increase productivity in your office and start improving your company’s culture at the same time with the easy to implement tips below.

4 Ways to Boost Your Business’s Productivity

=&0=&Do you encourage your employees to communicate with you and each other? Company culture with strong inter employee relationships thrive. So ask yourself, does your culture seem open, and create an atmosphere for your employees to mingle outside of the sphere of their work tasks? Do you encourage company gatherings with a monthly happy hour, or annual picnic? Does your team collaborate and brainstorm problems and solutions? Do you provide an outlet for active positive and negative feedback? If the answer is yes, then keep up the active encouragement of communication! If not, then it may be a good idea to suggest some ideas to your peers and maybe even your boss. Unsurprisingly, communication plays a direct role in employee retention. A Watson Wyatt study found that companies with strong communication practices had a turnover rate 50% or more below their industry average. =&1=&

PGH Networks Employee Spotlight: Mark Haluska

Announcing Mark Haluska as our New Spotlight Employee at PGH Networks! Learn more about Mark and the difference he makes at PGH Networks through his knowledge, dedication, hard work, and positive outlook, while getting an insiders perspective of the culture and structure at PGH Networks.

=&0=&  PGH Networks Employee Spotlight Mark Haluska Senior Engineer=&1=& I have over 10 years of experience of designing, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting voice and data networks.  Having a robust background of technical knowledge allows me to talk to customers about a wide variety of technologies and how to fix their IT challenges. I enjoy interacting with customers which has allowed me to build career long relationships along the way.=&2=& PGH Networks promotes the school of thought, “bring your ideas to the table, and lets see how we can make it work.” Everyone working at PGH Networks has one goal, and that is to be successful.  Relaxed work hard/play hard atmosphere and culture that is still conducive to hard work, team building and collaboration. Work/life balance is taken seriously: You are expected to work, however we understand that hard work must be appreciated and employees must have a life outside of work.=&3=& My responsibilities range from week to week. One week I am working with small doctors office fixing day to day IT issues and the next week I am working on a large project to expand customers voice and data footprint nationwide.  Being a customer-facing engineer means working with everyone from temp-users all the way to the C Level officers in a company.   I am also currently conducting first round interviews to fill a help desk position.   I am looking forward to growing our team and finding the right people to do so!=&4=&